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An impressive selection of quality plants at Perrywood Sudbury in Suffolk

Our team is potty about plants and our owners have been growing plants for more than 50 years. We are well known for our huge selection of top quality plants including perennials, shrubs, climbers, specimen trees, Perrywood Grown bedding & container plants as well as colourful planted containers and hanging baskets. Come and talk to one of our Plant Experts.

Trees for a Small Garden

A tree creates a stunning garden feature, it gives structure, dappled shade and provides a valuable haven for wildlife.

Having a small garden doesn’t rule out being able to plant a tree, there are plenty suitable for a limited space, even on a balcony or small patio.

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The Perrywood Hardy Plant Guarantee

We guarantee the free replacement or credit of any container-grown hardy plant that dies, providing it has received reasonable care, bears our garden centre labelling and is presented for examination with proof of purchase within one year. We cannot guarantee against damage due to severe weather conditions.

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Perrywood Grown

Our busy nursery team at Perrywood Tiptree grow three quarters of a million bedding, basket and vegetable plants in our modern production unit for our Perrywood Grown range – which is exclusive to Perrywood.


Right Plant Right Place

Plants will flourish in the right conditions, if you have a shady area or a dry corner we can suggest the right plant for you.

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